Porthills Earthmoving Limited provides a wide variety of professional excavating services that support industrial/commercial, agricultural, and residential customers in Canterbury and surrounding areas.  Over the years, we have worked to build a solid reputation for many diverse construction capabilities including quality site development, infrastructure, and environmental solutions.  We adhere to the highest safety and compliance standards in the excavating industry. Call Porthills Earthmoving today at 0274 326680 and explore why Porthills Earthmoving Service should be your full-service worksite contractor on your next project.



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During engineering works, demolition or the construction of new buildings, the resulting excavated ground needs to be managed and disposed of. For Hill sides this can be complex, as often this ground is rocky with different rock in different strata.

Our ground management team can offer you the expertise you need, providing technical and scenitific assistance

Escavating2aWe ensure that your site is meeting all necessary regulatory requirements for safe disposal of the excavated ground and provide administrative assistance with the required documentation.

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We understake the following Excavations:

  • Hill Excavation
  • Foundation Excavation
  • Land Levelling

And we provide excavation Hire (team and equipment)