Screened Soil

Porthills Earthmoving Limited provides a wide variety of professional excavating services that support industrial/commercial, agricultural, and residential customers in Canterbury and surrounding areas.  Over the years, we have worked to build a solid reputation for many diverse construction capabilities including quality site development, infrastructure, and environmental solutions.  We adhere to the highest safety and compliance standards in the excavating industry. Call Porthills Earthmoving Ltd today on 0274 326680 and explore why Porthills Earthmoving Services should be your full-service worksite contractor on your next project.



Screened Soil

Porthills Earthmoving Limited, goes to private and commercial locations and screens their excess topsoil, rock, dirt, gravel, sand, wood chips, compost and garden debris. By recycle screening on site, we are able to leave the home owner or contractor, a product they can use. We then remarket the excess materials to other customers needing sand, rock or topsoil.

Our program reduces the amount of materials dumped in fill pits and landfills. By using our service or by purchasing our topsoil screening products, you can feel good about helping to preserve our planet. Shop and compare, we think you will find our recycled products very inexpensive by comparison.

Due to the nature of our work we have access to umlimited supply of a quality product.